Bee Venom Pure Perfection Cream

Bee Venom Pure Perfection Cream

Immediate Effect | Long Term Results

  • Tightens and lifts

  • Diminishes wrinkles

Introducing abeeco’s new Immediate Effect BV Pure Perfection Cream with Natural8™, a powerful combination of immediate effect natural ingredients. Natural8™ contains clinically proven ingredients to lift, tighten and reduce the appearance of wrinkles within 15 minutes of application and continues to work as the day/night goes on. Enriched with Seafill, White Water Lily, NZ Bee Venom and Manuka Honey.

Suitable to wear under makeup - look better as the day or night goes on! 

How does it work?

The amazing ingredient Seafill, a marine plankton micro-organism collected off the coast of Brittany, France, fills in wrinkles and smooths skin roughness while White Water Lily soothes, purifies and brightens even the most sensitive of skin. Pure New Zealand Bee Venom, Manuka Honey and the powerful combination of vitamins and botanical oils provide long lasting benefits for total skin therapy.

Use as a primer, treatment cream, night cream or daily moisturiser - it does it all!

Key Ingredients

A unique, pure and natural Exopolysaccharide produced by marine plankton. Its surface structure gives properties to fill in wrinkles and has a tightening effect to lift sagging skin. Effective after 15 minutes, it then works all day long.

White Water Lily
Inhibits inflammatory pigmentation and soothes sensitive and irritated skin. Derived from the water lily, it has antioxidant, soothing, anti-inflammatory and skin brightening properties.

Bee Venom*
Bee Venom is used to 'trick' the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung. This causes the body to direct blood towards the area and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and plumping, lifting and firming the skin.

Manuka Honey
A natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that soothes inflamed skin while healing blemishes. It also helps balance the skin's pH and contains amino acids which slough away dead skin cells, helping to keep pores clear. A natural humectant, it draws moisture into the skin and this hydration helps to further enhance the skin's elasticity and cell regeneration, as well as promote healing.

Red Seaweed
A red seaweed that grows along the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, it has amazing natural lifting and instant tightening properties to smooth skin and reduce micro-wrinkles, and is especially effective at protecting against harmful UV rays.

Cupuacu Butter
Cupuacu Butter from the Rain Forest, is prized for its rich content of phytosterols to benefit dry, damaged skin, polyphenols to combat free radicals in the tissues, and fatty acids to protect and moisturise. It has the capacity to attract 240% more water allowing it to function effectively as a skin hydrator and plumper, improving the skin's moisture barrier and elasticity.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
Minimises discolourations, hyperpigmentation, age and sun spots and helps heal broken DNA strands. Vitamin B3 stimulates circulation and prevents the skin from losing water content which improves skin elasticity and enhances the skin's barrier function. Reduces sebum production and helps mitigate acne and the red marks it leaves behind (Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). Can help treat rosacea and uneven skin tone.

Vitamin C
Reduces the appearance of brown spots and other types of sun damage and fades post-breakout red marks by improving the skin's natural healing response. Reduces inflammation and irritation and helps boost healthy collagen production for firmer skin.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs the skin. It treats wrinkles by boosting collagen production and supporting new skin cell growth and speeding up cell regeneration. It also prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage.

Jojoba Oil
Because it's so similar to our skin's natural oil, it is thought that jojoba oil can 'trick' the skin into thinking it's producing enough oil, which helps balance oil production. When applied to the skin, jojoba oil has been known to help with acne, psoriasis, sunburn and chapped skin. Jojoba oil makes a great moisturiser and reduces natural moisture loss from skin.

Echium Oil
Echium seed oil is a natural plant oil renowned for its unique profile of skin-supporting fatty acids. Especially rich in a rare form of omega-3 called stearidonic acid (SDA), as well as anti-inflammatory omega-6 GLA and omega-9, it provides the skin with an ideal balance of fats to regenerate cells and reduce inflammation.

Meadowfoam Oil
Meadowfoam oil works by creating a sort of moisture barrier over the top layer of the skin, preventing moisture from evaporating and ensuring that skin stays hydrated. It has superb antioxidant and skin softening properties and hydrates and rejuvenates skin. Meadowfoam oil is very gentle and particularly good for dry, sensitive or damaged skin and helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to its moisturising properties.

Camellia Seed Oil
Camellia oil has an outstanding moisture retaining ability and is one of the most rapidly absorbed plant oils, able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin leaving it smooth and supple. Contains Vitamins A, B and E and Minerals P, Zn, Ca, Fe, Mn and Mg and is rich in mono-saturated essential fatty acids. Camellia oil protects the skin from environmental pollutants and helps restore proper pH balance, and protects against age spots and increased pigmentation. It prevents skin from drying out, smooths rough and flaky skin and soothes and calms irritated skin.

*Abeeco uses the VENZ™ brand of natural New Zealand Bee Venom.  This is Bee Venom that has been extracted using patented collection and preservation technology that produces the highest possible grade/quality/potency of New Zealand Bee Venom.  Therefore less bee venom is required to get the same result in skincare products compared to other brands and Bee Venom collected from other regions.
The VENZ™ system also nullifies the worry of an allergic reaction. This is because the compound that causes allergic reaction Phospholipase A2 has been minimised during its infusion into the Manuka Honey. 

Paraben Free

No bees are harmed in the bee venom collection process




Apply to cleansed and toned skin morning and / or night.


Do not use if allergic to bee stings or any of the ingredients listed above.  Patch test recommended. 


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