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Shop til You Drop Australia: August 2013


"These secret weapons deliver serious results".  "You'll see a noticeable boost after just one application."

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BBC News: 21 December 2012

Bee Stings could be new Botox: An expensive bee sting could top the wish list for many beauty conscious women this Christmas.  BBC reports.



Wall Street Journal: June 2012  Latest Skin-Care Buzz: Bee Venom

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Beauty Heaven: June 2012 Best niche anti-ageing brands

The products in the Abeeco range contain bee venom, which works to trick your skin into thinking it’s been lightly stung, stimulating the production of naturally-occurring collagen and elastin and leaving your skin smoother and tighter. Cool, huh?
Product we love!: Bee Venom Mask. Natural ingredients, including manuka honey and jojoba oil, will leave your skin soft and smooth, while the bee venom ensures your complexion is left wrinkle-free.

Australian Women's Day: 1st Feb 2012

Australian Womens Day 1 Product Review: Jan 2012

"Bee Venom Lip Plumper  gives a whole new meaning to the term ” Bee Stung Lips”.  Just look at my pics they speak for themselves really.  I cannot be happier with my results I love that it has improved on what god has given me"  Neillie Luhrmann, Beauty Editor, Craftgossip.  Click here for the full review.



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