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Bee Venom: No one can argue that Kate Middleton didn’t positively beam on her wedding day. But it has come to light that her radiance may only have been partly due to her snagging herself a prince. See, the royal beauty is a big fan of Bee Venom facials, which she partook in pre-nuptials. Sourced from New Zealand, The Bee Venom Mask is known in cosmetic circles as the natural alternative to Botox, as it gently stimulates and tightens the muscles upon application. - Product Review

"So far I have been using Bee Venom Mask Whitening for over 2 weeks and I love it. It not only changed the overall appearance of my skin but has reduced the lines." Shellie Wilson - CraftGossip

This Bee Venom Skin Perfecting Serum was my favourite of all an I think it was a big part in reducing those lines. I also used it on my stretch marks on my stomach just for testing purposes and I really see the difference. Yes the stretch marks are still there but its better. I look in the mirror and think that looks sooo much better." Shellie Wilson -  CraftGossip

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"These secret weapons deliver serious results".  "You'll see a noticeable boost after just one application."
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BBC News:

Bee Stings could be new Botox: An expensive bee sting could top the wish list for many beauty conscious women this Christmas.  BBC reports.

Wall Street Journal: Latest Skin-Care Buzz: Bee Venom

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Beauty Heaven: Best niche anti-ageing brands

The products in the Abeeco range contain bee venom, which works to trick your skin into thinking it’s been lightly stung, stimulating the production of naturally-occurring collagen and elastin and leaving your skin smoother and tighter. Cool, huh?
Product we love!: Bee Venom Mask. Natural ingredients, including manuka honey and jojoba oil, will leave your skin soft and smooth, while the bee venom ensures your complexion is left wrinkle-free.

Australian Women's Day: 
Australian Womens Day 1 Product Review: 

"Bee Venom Lip Plumper  gives a whole new meaning to the term ” Bee Stung Lips”.  Just look at my pics they speak for themselves really.  I cannot be happier with my results I love that it has improved on what god has given me"  Neillie Luhrmann, Beauty Editor, Craftgossip.  Click here for the full review.

Good Magazine April 2015:



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